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Bringing INNOVATIVE Products to Market Rapidly Without Sacrificing Quality 

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Partnering with Sigma Connectivity

Ideas to Solution brings together the right technologies and resources to accelerate the design and development of mobility products for our customers. 


One of our trusted resources is Sigma Connectivity, a division of Sigma World. Ideas to Solution partners with Sigma to provide unique products for mobility with faster turnaround and superior quality than any other development option on the market.

Building TRUST One Project at a Time


Ideas to Solution understands the importance of protecting your trade secrets. We ensure our technology partners have internal processes to guard your IP carefully.


For enhanced security, Sigma Connectivity creates separate project runs to further protect your trade secrets, with dedicated rooms for high-priority projects available as needed.

It is important to note that Ideas to Solution and Sigma Connectivity are consulting firms, not product development firms; therefore, you, as the client own all the IP and Patents.

Everything You Need Under ONE Roof

We work with the world's leading tech companies to help them develop the solutions and products of tomorrow. 

Ideas to Solution brings together competent and creative on-site consultants and/or core teams to provide all the resources needed to get your product to market under one roof, with a global reach when needed. 

No industry is too complex to connect - Ideas to Solution and Sigma Connectivity has an Industrial focus for various markets: Consumer, industrial, Medical, and Clean Tech.


A SCALABLE Service to Bring Your VISION to Life

Improve your time-to-market by having the right amount of highly skilled resources who can meet your expectations and deadlines. Enhance your competitive edge with high-end engineers who know precisely how to bring your vision to life.

Engineering skills span various specialties, and customers can choose the unique discipline needed for their project. We make it easy with no minimums - use as much or as little support as required. We can scale to meet your requirements from idea to finished certified project. 

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Precise Testing = Quality Products with Fewer Headaches

With 500 employees (100 in the US), 20 testing labs, and 300+ satisfied clients, Ideas to Solution partner Sigma Connectivity is the best fit to provide advanced, rigorous testing verification and reliable resources to bring your ideas to market. With 2000 successful projects and eight offices in four countries, we stand ready to deliver on time with a solid estimate.

Ready to get started? Contact one of our EXPERTS today.
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