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Bringing Your IDEAS to Life

Welcome to Ideas to Solution, a technology company that helps turn your industry ideas into practical solutions for you to improve processes and go to market faster.  

You are closest to your company’s business issues and can offer ideas to improve bottlenecks that impede progress.

We take your ideas and turn them into a complete solution using selected hardware, software, and business processes from the massive innovative technologies available. 

In no time at all, we will bring your ideas to life and solve those bottlenecks. 

Rely on us for tech-savvy business solutions that BOOST efficiency

The Ideas to Solution skilled professionals will partner with you to transform your biggest headaches into smooth-running processes using modern software and hardware solutions. 

Imagine what you can achieve with your workday with an integrated automation strategy focused on delivering more for your customers. 

Green Pattern

A dedicated, trusted advisor who can architect a solution for your project. We understand how to simplify, organize, and run side-by-side with you to complete your project.

A solid quality testing and documentation plan to reduce surprises.

A fixed price to meet budget goals with a detailed scope of work.

Elegant Abstract Background

For IFS clients, custom configurations and development led by experts.

Ideas to Solution is here to be your Efficiency Guide through the maze of complex technologies.

Extend your ERP with our recommended pre-packaged software and hardware solutions to solve your most significant productivity issues.

With the proper scope and discovery, we can offer firm Fixed Price contracts.

Collaborate with best-of-breed software and hardware providers to integrate IoT solutions for accelerating business. 

Management Dedicated to Client Needs

Thomas Blomquist, CEO Ideas To Soultions

Thomas Blomquist, CEO

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ideas to Solution understands that when delivering excellent technical support, there is no substitute for experience. His mission is to ensure that every customer receives the care and results they need to compete and succeed with their industry automation ideas. Background: Thomas is passionate about providing “all-in-one” solutions for organizations to help them transform and automate processes for improved efficiencies. For nearly three decades, Thomas has contributed to the growth of organizations such as IFS, an ERP Business Management Software provider, serving as Account Services Director, and Cenium AS, with the title of General Manager North America, a Complete Hospitality solution provider. With a unique educational background in System Analysis, IT, Economics, and Electrical Engineering, he has a solid foundation to provide value to Ideas to Solution clients.

Tobias Norgren, COO Ideas To Soultions

Tobias Norgren, COO

Tobias Norgren’s decades of leadership roles and project management experience prepared him for an expert understanding of software development and various implementation processes. He has been recognized for leading planning, execution, risk management, scope definition, and control teams. Background: Tobias has a proven track record with several organizations that benefited from his leadership and expertise. He served as Services Director and Solutions Architect for Rutterkey Solutions for the past four years. He held the title Director of Professional Services for Cenium for four years. He worked for Sony Mobile Communications in various roles as Technical Sales, Product Definition, and Platform Industrialization Project Manager. His work with IFS ERP solutions gave him insight into practical solutions for business management. Tobias is a PMP (Project Management Professional) earned from the Project Management Institute. He is also certified as a specialist and associate for IFS ERP software. Tobias is passionate about delivering solutions that meet project and customer expectations and budget and profitability goals.

Do you want to IMPROVE processes and PROFITS? Let’s connect.
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