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A CONNECTED WORKFORCE is essential for productivity that leads to profits.

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Ideas to Solution partners with Mobilaris to boost efficiencies for your workforce.

For example, your people don't need to waste time and get distracted entering information about their activities manually. By the time they get their information into your system, it is "yesterday's news" and not as useful. 

The ability to share real-time data across departments keeps everyone on the same page and provides the tools to make confident, informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

WHY Ideas to Solution?

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Identifying your problem – we have broad experience working with technology

We help select the right building blocks to deliver an end-to-end solution that works


The result? We deliver one cohesive solution

We provide security in knowing we'll take care of it all end-to-end. Offload the burden of managing a tech project yourself and walk away with a scalable solution that fits your requirements.

Increase accuracy and improve data latency issues, with Mobilaris' device that integrates with IFS ERP that automatically clocks an employee in/out at the start of the day when arriving at a specific location using the power of geofencing.

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Full indoor and outdoor exact positioning, 3D map integration, and Proximity Warning

Man down feature with exact positioning for quick support response with multi-layered advanced alert notification


Four unique sensors automatically react to dangerous gas emissions, humidity levels, barometric pressure and temperature

Tech Specs: 5G-ready using UWB, GPS BLE, LTE, and NFC, IP67 rated, GDPR (data privacy) compliant

How to leverage the technology:

Mobilaris Architecture Diagram

Take advantage of a mobile overlayed weather map so your always know where your people are in the field.

Identify Air Quality to take action according to where your people are located.

Track wildfires – Firefighters can deploy the right resources and protect their people.


Worker starts the day from the same work location each day
  • Retrieve Mobilaris Companion and swipe it on a check-out station (employee is automatically clocked-in in IFS)

  • Return Mobilaris Companion and swipe it on a check-in station (employee is automatically clocked-out in IFS.

  • Utilize Mobilaris Situational Awareness suite during the workday


The worker is mobile and starts the day from different locations
  • The worker is issued a personal Mobilaris Companion tag. When the worker enters a predefined area (IFS Work Order based), the worker is clocked in automatically, and a note is added on the WO when the worker arrived.

  • When the worker leaves the work area, they are clocked out automatically, and a note is pushed to the WO departure time

  • Utilize Mobilaris Situational Awareness suite during the workday

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