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How IoT Sensors Enhance Product Quality – and Your Profits


Tech giant, IBM, claims IoT sensors may increase product quality and yield with intelligent, secure, and flexible production processes. With solutions implemented at the edge, AI-powered production can reduce waste by 15%, increase output by up to 30%, and lower operating costs by 5-10%.


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Did you know you can enhance product quality by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in your ERP system? And that transfers into less downtime, higher profits – and happy customers.

Imagine your production team is working against the clock to manufacture a product under a tight timeline. At the end of the production process, the product doesn’t meet your quality standards or your customers' expectations. Now it’s back to the beginning, a delivery delay, profit losses – and an irate customer.

Now, imagine that you could avoid that situation by implementing IoT sensors into your ERP system.

How IoT sensors can help guarantee your product quality

IoT sensors help improve product quality in manufacturing by managing process parameters and discovering connections between input and results.

They also assist companies in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Tracking production batches digitally, including data like temperature and pressure, is simple with IoT sensors connected to cloud platforms.

Predictive maintenance, quality assurance, health and safety, robotic collaboration, and higher revenue are other benefits of using IoT sensors; however, we’ll save those topics for another time.

How it works

Sensors built into connected devices measure and gather data, giving factory owners access to real-time production and process data. Manufacturers can monitor the functioning of their equipment and spot any possible concerns by connecting these devices to the Internet.

That enables them to address problems and minimize downtime swiftly.

Moreover, sensors are used to keep an eye on the security of manufacturing personnel.

Connected devices provide alerts to warn workers about possible safety risks by monitoring changes in temperature, humidity, and sound levels. This enhances quality assurance while also making the workplace safer.

Equipment monitoring guarantees that every machine component is in good working order. Defects are identified quickly and fixed when they arise, minimizing money lost due to time wastage.

Top 3 ways IoT sensors improve product quality:

  1. Employee productivity is increased thanks to remote monitoring and equipment management.

  2. Sensors monitor the manufacturing process to identify and prevent bottlenecks or errors, enhancing efficiency and maximizing return on investment.

  3. The use of intelligent systems eliminates human error in quality control. This raises the quality standard of the company's product, enhancing acceptance, fostering greater customer loyalty, and guaranteeing higher revenue through increased sales.

It’s easier than you think to implement IoT sensors – with expert help

While optimizing revenues and enhancing service delivery and product quality for most companies might be achieved with IoT and AI, doing so can be daunting for many.

Businesses might think that the transformation process is difficult and expensive.

However, this isn't necessarily the case. Working with experts who understand your project scope and budget concerns and comprehend that your needs and applications are unique to your organization is critical to a successful implementation.

Partnering with a team such as Ideas to Solution means that a pool of qualified specialists will assist in transforming your business into a time-saving, results-driven enterprise for you and your staff.

Is your manufacturing operation quality-assured?

IoT solutions are becoming increasingly crucial for manufacturers that want to gain a competitive edge by delivering quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and repeat business.

At Ideas to Solution, our expert consultants know all the right questions to ask to help you streamline your processes and guarantee your future success.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation on your business needs, and we’ll set you on the right track for your organization’s implementation of IoT solutions within your ERP system – and your future success.

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