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A Revolutionary Way to Bring Your Business Ideas to Market

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Welcome to the Ideas to Solution blog. Here we will discuss the latest trends in business automation. We have found the best ideas for business improvement can come from noticing bottlenecks in your work process.

Businessman standing on a platform overlooking the city viewing light-point connections representing technology concepts.

Some Real-World Examples

For example, you are on the factory floor and need to clock into a job work order to keep track of your time.

Unless your operations are automated, it is laborious and error-prone to manually write notes in a "master" file as you move from work order to work order throughout the day. Not only that, but you may be stuck in line with your colleagues waiting to do the very same thing.

So, an idea pops into your head. Imagine if you were automatically scanned and recognized as you enter and leave a work area with no effort on your part. Eureka! With an automated system, you could move from work order to work order to your heart's content and ensure accurate time-tracking.

This scenario is not Science Fiction but technology that exists today. Imagine if you enter a predefined area, you are automatically clocked in, and a note is added to the work order noting what time you arrived. And when it is time to move to the next work order, you are clocked out automatically and indicated on the work order - all with no intervention from you.

Other examples:

  • Take advantage of a mobile overlayed weather ap, so you always know where your people are in the field.

  • Identify Air Quality to take action according to where your people are located.

  • Track wildfires – Firefighters can deploy the right resources and protect their people.

How to Solve Bottlenecks That Cause Leaky Margins

Ideas to Solution has a revolutionary way for you to bring your business ideas to life. We analyze your requirements, recommend the best-fit hardware and/or software technology, and offer a fixed price for the solution once the scope is established. You heard that right. We have the in-house skills to understand what is needed and get you to the finish line on time and on budget.

We partner with the best technical resources, so you won't have to deal with multiple parties. Our team takes the lead to accelerate producing a solution that makes sense for your organization.

Anyone can have an idea, but not everyone has the advanced skills to solve operational bottlenecks with the right technology. This brings us to the next important element for any business improvement project – RESEARCH! We do our homework and ensure that the path recommended benefits your operational efficiencies the most.

What We Do:

Having a professional and knowledgeable team at your fingertips is essential. We gather the details and advise which options are available to solve the issue. After discovery, our proposal will detail precisely what is needed for success.

Ideas to Solution provides:

  • A dedicated, trusted advisor who can architect a solution for your project. We understand how to simplify, organize, and run side-by-side with you to complete your project.

  • A solid quality testing and documentation plan to reduce surprises.

  • A fixed price to meet budget goals with a detailed scope of work.

  • Security in knowing we'll take care of it all end-to-end. Offload the burden of managing a tech project yourself and walk away with a scalable solution that fits your requirements.

BUILD adaptative packaged solutions to extend ERP capabilities. EXTEND skillsets to get more done. CREATE Turnkey organizations.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Apply state-of-the-art automation to deliver more value to your customers.

  • Enable you to rise above your competition with intelligent technology.

  • Differentiate your business by being better and faster with applied automation.

Everything You Need Under ONE Roof

We work with the world's leading tech companies to help them develop the solutions and products of tomorrow.

​Ideas to Solution brings together competent and creative on-site consultants and/or core teams to provide all the resources needed to get your product to market under one roof, with a global reach when needed.

No industry is too complex to connect - Ideas to Solution and partners like Sigma Connectivity and Mobilaris have an Industrial focus for various markets: Consumer, industrial, Medical, and Clean Tech.

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